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What is Errand Pro?

ErrandPRO is a convenient, cost-effective, time-saving B2B cloud platform for both HORECA businesses and their Suppliers.

Our primary goal is to offer a revolutionary tool for the market, while providing excellent customer service and friendly support at the same time.

We have developed an online cloud platform that makes life easier for Food & Beverage Professionals and provides new communication channels with their Suppliers.

We always keep an eye on the latest trends in the B2B Market and put our customers’ interest first!

Our Surveys’ have identified the need to change the way of ordering, so we have built a new transformational tool which will make your business more efficient and effective.

If you:

  • are tired of being on the phone all day to make/receive orders
  • are wondering if you have spent too much time and resources in ordering
  • remember the last minute to place an order
  • are looking for something new to make your daily schedule easier

you are in the right place!

Our customers are our Top Priority and we always work hard towards building long-lasting and meaningful relations with them.

Errand Pro is a platform which brings together restaurateurs and Food and Beverage professionals with suppliers of fine products

Are you a Supplier in HORECA industry?

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  2. Let us create your App Store and upload the full catalog of your products
  3. Enjoy your new orders and find new prospective customers!

Are you a Food and Beverage Professional?

  1. Download free the Errand Pro app from Store
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  3. Enjoy easy ordering for your business and get informed about offers and changes in the market.

Improve your productivity and increase efficiency in placing and receiving orders!

Why Errand Pro?


  • No more time wasting in receiving your orders
  • No more mistakes and confusion in receiving your orders
  • Have ready and waiting orders for you to process
  • More time saved by your Sales Team
  • Process your order from anywhere at a touch of a button

Food and Beverage Professionals

  • No more time wasting in placing your orders
  • No more mistakes and confusion in placing your orders
  • Send your order at a time convenient for you
  • Follow through your order till its completion
  • Have historical records of your orders at a touch of a button

Download the Errand Pro app

Errand Pro is developed by Qupage (Cyprus) Ltd